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#RosetteGoesToBali: A Fairytale Wedding for Aaron and Serene

Being a wedding planner brings us on some of life’s greatest journeys. To be a part of someone else’s big day and have the chance to see them begin the next phase of their lives with their other half is perhaps one of the best things we experience.



Aaron and Serene’s story was a fairytale come to life and that was our inspiration in conceptualising their wedding. First meeting each other at the age of 18, Aaron and Serene have shared many of life’s little moments together. Be it a long-distance stint, graduation, starting a business and then achieving success, they’ve supported each other through it all.


Aaron and Serene wanted an intimate ceremony and dinner at the beautiful Sanctus Villa in Bali to celebrate the special occasion with their closest family and friends. Witnessed by loved ones, the gorgeous couple pledged to love each other to eternity in a secret garden they could call their own.


Aaron and Serene’s wedding is the first wedding we have done in Bali and it was an extremely pleasant experience. In the four days we were there, we had tons to do for the wedding to go smoothly. Meeting with the vendors was one of the key things, and making sure the fairytale wedding looked gorgeous was another.

We constantly prayed for good weather and were extremely blessed on the actual day – the sun shone down hard on the villa and the clear blue skies were divine. Guests mingled after the ceremony as we turned the solemnisation area into a banquet.


Aaron’s surprise proposal to Serene under a blanket of twinkling fairy lights was the highlight of the night – unexpected and certainly touching, the romantic man once again vowed to love Serene with all his heart, soul and mind.



They are one of our favorite couple of 2016! Not only blessed with good looks, both Serene & Aaron are a lovely couple with the heart of gold. In fact, recently Aaron’s kind gesture of forgiving a young punk who rode off on his Lamborghini, made a viral news.

Here’s a cheers for lovely marriage!


Rosette Team


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