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Arriving Soon: Rosette’s Little Precious

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I am blessed with two beautiful children, Savannah & Aiden. Having them both within the span of two years was not part of our plan. While  they are truly my source of joy, at the same time, they are also my biggest worries. As a “Mumpreneur” (mom + entrepreneur), I am constantly torn between providing time for my kids and growing Rosette & Co. You can say that having a business is like having another baby, so, actually I’m a mother of three! There are so many stories that I can share but I will save you readers sappy stories of struggles between my babies (for another blog post) and share happy memories of their baby showers or birthdays for now!

The upside of being a wedding designer & stylist for one of the most popular wedding planning and design company in Singapore, means, I can and must throw pretty parties for my kids! Even thou I was tired and worn out during the first months following a complicated delivery, it was occupational hazard to indulge in producing creative ideas (where I am the one giving approval & hubby take care of the finance *sounds familiar*?). So after Savannah’s ordeal with the prematurity, etc, we threw her a small intimate baby shower party at our house with a pretty dessert bar.

baby n bar

Then, when she was one year old, we had her first Birthday bash at Blisshouse.

IMG_6226 copy

Loresimg_3825 copy

IMG_6201 copy

When Baby Aiden arrived, we were overjoyed and thrilled at how smoothly the pregnancy and delivery went. I had a little more time to plan for this baby shower, so we invited more friends to join in the celebration.

Lim family - Aiden's baby shower
Lim family – Aiden’s baby shower
Hellen & Aiden
Aiden’s baby shower
Aiden's baby shower
Aiden’s baby shower
Nautical dessert bar
Nautical dessert bar

Rosette started receiving loads of requests for baby showers after these parties (we are sorry if we couldn’t help you then). Parents would frequently ask us if it was possible to create a similar boy’s or girl’s themed party to welcome their precious little ones. I didn’t have the resources to work it out then as most requests also come with a short time frame. Reluctantly, I had to reject styling for these parties. This has always bugged me.. I know I can help them create an intimate party for their little precious so I started looking for ways and… by His grace… my fourth “baby” is arriving soon!

Together with Lemony Kit, we’re launching Rosette’s Little Precious – A DIY baby shower kit. Our mission is to help wonderful mummys and daddys to welcome their little precious in a convenient and thoughtful way. In this kit, we blend party styling with home decor, so parents can keep and reuse the party items even after the baby shower. Here are some sneak peeks!

Rosette Little Precious - Blue and yellow nautical theme
Rosette Little Precious – Blue and yellow nautical theme
Nautical theme plates
Rosette’s Little Precious – Nautical theme plates
Rosette's Little Precious - Invitation card
Rosette’s Little Precious – Invitation card
Rosette's Little Precious - pink and yellow floral theme
Rosette’s Little Precious – pink and yellow floral theme
Rosette's Little Precious - Invitation card, pink and yellow floral theme
Rosette’s Little Precious – Invitation card, pink and yellow floral theme
Rosette's Little Precious - cups and straws, pink and yellow floral theme
Rosette’s Little Precious – cups and straws, pink and yellow floral theme

Our “expected day of delivery” is the 10th October. We will launch with a pre-order for the few batches. But if you are excited about this, you may sign up to be notified sooner at

We are all so excited!! Cheers to Rosette’s Little Precious!

Photo credits: Awesome Memories Photography


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