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Real Wedding: Xavier & Victoria’s Seaview Wedding

Xavier and Victoria chose Rosette Two, our Design and actual day coordination services for their wedding lunch at Rasa Sentosa’s Atmosphere by the sea.

If you’ll like us to describe Xavier and Victoria’s wedding by the sea in 5 words. We’ll say it is:

1. Windy
2. Joyous
3. White
4. International
5. Entertaining

You can never ever be prepared on the weather for an outdoor wedding. The rain almost spoils all your plans. Just imagine our relief when the skies cleared in time for us to set up the outdoor area for the couple’s romantic sea view solemnisation! It was very windy when we starting setting up and the enormous lanterns we had prepared could only be placed near the indoor dining area; the winds forced the lanterns to concave inwards if set out too far!

Guests were  all stylishly dressed in white and we loved that scene when everyone gathered for the balloon release. Wishes for the couple had been written on biodegradable cards and tied to the balloons, but once out in the open, the strong winds tangled up the bunch! Luckily, Hellen had a pair of scissors in her hands! With the couple’s consent the entangled cards were cut and kept before the balloons were distributed for release. Now, they can keep the cards and read the wishes!

Enjoy the pictures!

Wedding lunch set up, Atmosphere by the sea
Wedding lunch set up, Atmosphere by the sea


Table setting, placecards
Table setting, placecards
Table setting
Table setting

Cake topper  Indoor dining area, Atmosphere by the sea

Wishing tableFlower jar

Outdoor area, Atmosphere by the sea

Timber deck, Atmosphere by the sea
Timber deck, Atmosphere by the seaBalloon release Xavier & Victoria, balloon release



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