Rosette’s Little Precious: Pretty Pouches 

Looking for a cute gift wrap? We’ve found the perfect pouches for you! Last month, our team travelled in search of beautiful fabrics for our favour pouches. They returned with cheery and colourful Japanese textiles to add on to our Little Precious’s favour pouch collection!

Fabric favour pouch with Hediard dragees

You can now chose from the new fabric favor pouch collections!

Sugar Dots Collection
Erin: Pink and black speckled dots fabric favour pouch

Erin - Pink and black speckled dots fabric favour pouch

Mimi: Stitched colourful dots fabric favour pouch

Mimi - stitched colourful dots fabric favour pouch

Nana: baby blue with white polka dot fabric favour pouch

Nana - baby blue with white polka dot fabric favour pouch

Fafi: Sweet hearts fabric favour pouch

Fafi - Sweet hearts fabric favour pouch

Petite Fleur Collection
Kuroi: Sweet flowers on black fabric favour pouch

Kuroi: Sweet flowers on black fabric favour pouch

Papuru: White flowers on a bright blue fabric favour pouch

Papuru - White flowers on a bright blue fabric favour pouch

Akachan: (also means red little child in Japanese) White little flowers on a red fabric favour pouch

Akachan - (also means red little child in Japanese) White little flowers on a red fabric favour pouch

Hanabi: Flowery fireworks on a white fabric favour pouch

Hanabi - Flowery fireworks on a white fabric favour pouch

Each pouch costs $6 and you can add $2 each to have it packed with Hediard dragees. Shipping takes 5 days.
There are only limited quantities for these collections.

Email us at to place your orders!

Destination beach wedding: Nikoi Island

Last month, we had an awesome opportunity to plan and coordinate the wedding of Ben & Joy on Nikoi Island, a private island in Bintan, Indonesia. It was such an out-of-the-world experience for us and their guests, out of the bustling city and past rows of tanker ships that crowd Singapore’s water. Let us introduce this place as your potential wedding venue.

When you are searching for wedding inspiration and discovered the destination wedding category on a website; do you feel that a seed has been planted and a destination wedding itch starting to grow and whisper: “I should spend my wedding budget on my family and close friends, and treat them to a beach holiday…”

There are a few points that can trigger your need for a destination wedding at the beach:

  • a picturesque destination (all the soft white sandy beaches, the clear sea and sky)
  • it was where you were proposed to/ proposed
  • an intimate and small number of guests
  • natural wedding backdrops
  • you long for a memorable celebration where everyone can relax and have a short getaway
  • your guests collect immigration stamps
  • but all you need is an excuse to have one…

Let us tempt you first with white sandy beaches of the stunning Nikoi Island, which can materialise if you go on a short two and a half hour journey (ferry ride, land transport and speedboat) from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

Nikoi Island

White sandy beach on Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island

Chill on the white sandy beaches on Nikoi Island

Credits to The Wedding Scoop

Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island rocks

Nikoi Island

Clear waters in the lagoon of Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island

Jetty on Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island

Jetty on Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island

Sunset from the jetty of Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island Jetty

And the pictures above are just brief introductions to what Nikoi has to offer.

Nikoi Island has 15 beach houses and can host family groups of up to 60 and you have to book the whole island with a minimum of two nights. The island is exclusive for you for this period. We loved that there were swinging day beds, wooden stairs, traditional Indonesian architecture and modern amenities. At night, you can hear the gentle wave splashing, watch the stars right from your balcony and the occasional rumbling of passing boats. Away from all the city noise and air-conditioning.

Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island beach hut

Nikoi Island beach hut

For dining, there are 3 bars and 2 dinning areas (approximately 100sqm each) and you can have Barbecues(BBQ) lunch or dinner by the pool side or on the sand spit by the lagoon. We also rate their variety of locally sourced seafood, fresh salads and local cuisine a 9/10! We were very satisfied with all our meals!

Nikoi Island

Beach Bar, Nikoi Island

Yogi Bar, Nikoi Island

Yogi Bar, Nikoi Island

BBQ by the pool, Nikoi Island

BBQ by the pool, Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island pool bar

BBQ by the pool, Nikoi Island

BBQ by the pool, Nikoi Island

BBQ by the pool, Nikoi Island

BBQ by the pool, Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island

Sand Spit, Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island

Sand Spit, Nikoi Island

Nikoi Island

Sand Spit, Lagoon, Nikoi Island

Dinning Room, Nikoi Island

Dinning Room, Nikoi Island

You can just dig your feet into the sand while dining too.

Don’t worry about entertaining your guest. There will never be a dull moment on the Nikoi, there are land, sea and children activities and Winston even kayaked around the whole island and finished with jumping off the jetty. We have a very gutsy wedding coordinator!

Kayaking around Nikoi Island (image from Nikoi island website)

Sail around Nikoi Island

Sail around Nikoi Island

It is a great island for a wedding (not a bad idea as a honeymoon destination too). Their staff are all very smiley, helpful, friendly and great to work with.

Now, you just need to worry how you want your ceremony to be.

Please check out their package here : Weddings at Nikoi Island

Note: Nikoi does not provide wedding decorations, flowers or wedding celebrants (solemnisers) and they recommend that you engage a wedding planner. If you are feeling really brave and want to coordinate your beach wedding yourself without a planner, you’ll need to pay a surcharge of S$500. So make sure you get one.

Stay tune for the next post about the wedding!

Photo credits:

Daniel Beh Photography

The Wedding Scoop

Newly arrived: Rosette’s Little Precious

I’m really excited for you to meet Rosette’s Little Precious: our DIY baby shower styling kit. It’s been a great learning and eventful journey since we started with Rosette & Co and I am humbled to have received numerous enquiries to decorate baby showers which we had to regretfully turn down then,

Now, my dream to provide baby party decor has finally come true with the help of LemonyKit!

Teaming up with the girls  from LemonyKit, we decided to start with two basic collections: a warm floral pink and a nautical themed blue. Each item in the DIY kit was thoughtfully designed by us, and most are crafted by small women-started businesses in Jakarta.

Here’s inside each DIY Kit:

Warm Pink:

Little Precious DIY baby shower Kit

Little Precious DIY baby shower Kit in warm floral pink

Nautical Blue:

Little Precious DIY baby shower Kit

Little Precious DIY baby shower Kit in nautical blue

Learning from the enquiries and feedback I get, we know that we need to provide pinterest worthy decorations (our aim!) on a budget and also to make it effortless for you to set-up. So, the basic items that you’ll need for the baby shower like the table cloth, paper cups and paper plates are now made to look fully customised and have become great elements of the decor. The paper cups can also be labelled so that guests will have a cup each and can work as a placecard too. Each kit is designed to host up to 50 people.

We also don’t want you to throw away the party decorations, that is such a waste!  With our kit, you may reuse the bunting, hanging mobiles and table cloth for the nursery or as home décor .The DIY kit also provides enough serveware, napkins and cutleries; keep the rest if there are extras, for a second party!

We are so excited to share this solve-your-baby-shower-decor kit and start the pre-order ! The first shipment will arrive by 15 November! We’ll start off with the pre-order now at S$199 (usual price S$249). 

This means the decoration cost for each guest at your baby shower is just $4!

In case you need more customised items, we are working on adding a few optional items, such as straws, favour pouches (as seen in mother & babies), a dessert bar and a photobooth. We can also refer our photographer Awesome Memories Photography to capture your awesome memories!

From now till 20th October 2014, the first 10 buyers will get a customised name bunting:

Name bunting in Pink

Customised name bunting in Pink

Name bunting in blue

Customised name bunting in blue

Pre-order now at

More questions? Ask us at

Brief Introduction DIY Kit : How It Got Started


When I was pregnant, I faced a dilemma that I think most of you can relate to. Which type of celebrations should follow to welcome my baby?

As (Indonesian) Chinese, the natural celebration is man yue, which celebrates the baby’s first month. But, having a hybrid culture, the  western baby shower is also an option, which usually falls on the late second trimester or early third trimester. There is also Javanese traditional celebration, which falls on the seventh month of pregnancy (nujuh bulanan) – while it’s not one of my options, it’s interesting to observe.

Every celebration has its own merits. And I’ve been through – by personal experience or through a friend’s account – a number of them. I’ll just briefly explain each of them.

For Baby Sava and Aiden, we had man yue that follow my confinement period. Man yue celebrates the birth of a healthy child.  The occasion introduces the baby to the family and friends. Usually, typical food served is marked by red colour to express happiness. Man yue is celebrated at the birth of every child, and both men and women are invited.


ang ku kue

The western baby shower celebrates the turning point in a woman’s life, when she will become a mother. Usually only women are invited to the baby shower, where these women will ‘shower’ the mother-to-be with gifts to prepare her for motherhood. The guests will also impart wisdom and tips. Traditionally diapers in a formed of cake is presented, together with finger food, anything from cupcakes to tea are served.


Baby baptism or christening is another type of celebration that probably started the western baby shower tradition. The celebration is a symbolic one, whereby the parents present the child to God and vow to raise the child with Christian values. Families and friends are invited. Usually jordan almonds or dragees are passed in a basket or little pouches as favours. Dragees as baby shower favor is originated from France. Our handmade pouch was featured on Mother and Baby as well as the dragees from Hediard.


Mother and Baby September 2014 Issue

Finally, Nujuh Bulanan (literally, seventh month) is a very traditional celebration, mostly celebrated by a Javanese family. This is more like a ceremony, because of the rituals involved. It usually starts with the shower ritual, where the mother-to-be would be showered with flower water (siraman). Seven prayers would ensue, led by the parents and the closest of the families. There is also egg ritual, cutting of the string ritual and many others to symbolise a smooth delivery and the transition to becoming a mother. In this ceremony, the father-to-be is also involved in the process.

This by no means is the exhaustive list of baby welcome traditions. The arrival of a child in any family brings. I find that in any of the celebrations I attended, hope is a common string together with happiness, love and, of course, good food.

Some people prefer the elaborate baby showers because they can afford the luxury of time. But for some other, convenience is key because  they prefer to dedicate their time to do other things. When we have to be confined for a month after the baby was born, how can we running around and source for these items!

I found Rosette’s Little Precious as an answer to couples, who (like me) prefer the convenience of a party styling kit that they can put together themselves, so their time can be dedicated to other matters on hand, such as catching up on sleep, learning the baby’s feeding pattern, the party guestlist, etc. It is as easy as one click of a button and the package will delivered to your house! I wish I have this option when I’m doing my kids’ baby shower!

But whichever type of celebrations you will have, it doesn’t hurt to have a gorgeously styled party ready in an instant.


Girl Baby Shower Kit -Ready Made

If you are as excited as I am, join our countdown for the ‘arrival’ of my ‘fourth child’ on instagram: or on our You can also put down your name at if you wish to be notified sooner.


Real Weddings: W & P @ InterContinental Singapore

Let’s create a whimsical fun wedding with pink, blue and cream!

Here is our inspiration mood board for this wedding:

Inspiration mood board, Vintage whimsical

Inspiration mood board, Vintage whimsical

Our happy couple ‘s wedding monogram was first conceptualised based on their love for cats. W&P were deeply influenced by their Chinese roots and we later featured the Chinese double happiness “囍” character as a bell on the monogram’s collar. They were at first worried that the “囍” character would not blend in with the theme but it really became the feature instead! Bless W&P with plenty of 囍s!


The holy matrimony was an intimate church reception, and we loved their choice of a Volkswagon Camper in matching blue as their wedding car.

Church of St Francis Xavier

Church of St Francis Xavier, Holy matrimony

Church of St Francis Xavier

Church of St Francis Xavier

Church of St Francis Xavier

Tall centerpiece

Programme guide, roses in jars

Programme guide, roses in jars

Volkswagon camper

Volkswagon camper

The wedding dinner was at the InterContinental Singapore, Bugis Grand Ballroom, it allowed plenty of space for us to create the couple’s inspiration mood board into reality.

The Bugis Grand ballroom Foyer provided a big space with high ceiling for a tall photo backdrop, long corridor for a photo gallery and a long guest reception table.

Reception table decor

Reception table decor

Photo gallery styled like a vintage flea market

Photo gallery styled like a vintage flea market

The decor team at the photo gallery: "We can be props!"

The decor team at the photo gallery: “We can be props!”

The tall photo backdrop stood proud, like those from a star-studded pre-award red carpet paparazzi moment and it was definitely the most popular spot of the day (Oh… I should have mentioned that there was a long dessert bar infront of it..haha..).

Photobooth backdrop

Photobooth backdrop

We went vintage flea market style for the photo gallery and featured all of their personal travel memoirs and souvenirs.

The wedding favors of honey jars symbolised sweetness “甜甜蜜蜜”, and was a thoughtful gift W&P wanted their guests to have that is pretty (decorated with their stickers), useful and sweet!

Honey jar wedding favors

Honey jar wedding favors

Intercontinental Singapore, Bugis Grand Ballroom

Intercontinental Singapore, Bugis Grand Ballroom

Stage wedding arch

Stage wedding arch

Flower arch, pink rerbera

Flower arch, pink rerbera

Wedding arch with birdcage

Wedding arch with birdcage

VIP table with roses and birdcage decor

VIP table with roses and birdcage decor

Our team were really excited and had fun styling the wedding (ESPECIALLY WINSTON), thank you W&P for having us!

Photo credit : Awesome Memories Photography

To add, the wedding was featured in Style Wedding magazine.

IMG_2634 IMG_2636

Arriving Soon: Rosette’s Little Precious

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I am blessed with two beautiful children, Savannah & Aiden. Having them both within the span of two years was not part of our plan. While  they are truly my source of joy, at the same time, they are also my biggest worries. As a “Mumpreneur” (mom + entrepreneur), I am constantly torn between providing time for my kids and growing Rosette & Co. You can say that having a business is like having another baby, so, actually I’m a mother of three! There are so many stories that I can share but I will save you readers sappy stories of struggles between my babies (for another blog post) and share happy memories of their baby showers or birthdays for now!

The upside of being a wedding designer & stylist for one of the most popular wedding planning and design company in Singapore, means, I can and must throw pretty parties for my kids! Even thou I was tired and worn out during the first months following a complicated delivery, it was occupational hazard to indulge in producing creative ideas (where I am the one giving approval & hubby take care of the finance *sounds familiar*?). So after Savannah’s ordeal with the prematurity, etc, we threw her a small intimate baby shower party at our house with a pretty dessert bar.

baby n bar

Then, when she was one year old, we had her first Birthday bash at Blisshouse.

IMG_6226 copy

Loresimg_3825 copy

IMG_6201 copy

When Baby Aiden arrived, we were overjoyed and thrilled at how smoothly the pregnancy and delivery went. I had a little more time to plan for this baby shower, so we invited more friends to join in the celebration.

Lim family - Aiden's baby shower

Lim family – Aiden’s baby shower

Hellen & Aiden

Aiden’s baby shower

Aiden's baby shower

Aiden’s baby shower

Nautical dessert bar

Nautical dessert bar

Rosette started receiving loads of requests for baby showers after these parties (we are sorry if we couldn’t help you then). Parents would frequently ask us if it was possible to create a similar boy’s or girl’s themed party to welcome their precious little ones. I didn’t have the resources to work it out then as most requests also come with a short time frame. Reluctantly, I had to reject styling for these parties. This has always bugged me.. I know I can help them create an intimate party for their little precious so I started looking for ways and… by His grace… my fourth “baby” is arriving soon!

Together with Lemony Kit, we’re launching Rosette’s Little Precious – A DIY baby shower kit. Our mission is to help wonderful mummys and daddys to welcome their little precious in a convenient and thoughtful way. In this kit, we blend party styling with home decor, so parents can keep and reuse the party items even after the baby shower. Here are some sneak peeks!

Rosette Little Precious - Blue and yellow nautical theme

Rosette Little Precious – Blue and yellow nautical theme

Nautical theme plates

Rosette’s Little Precious – Nautical theme plates

Rosette's Little Precious - Invitation card

Rosette’s Little Precious – Invitation card

Rosette's Little Precious - pink and yellow floral theme

Rosette’s Little Precious – pink and yellow floral theme

Rosette's Little Precious - Invitation card, pink and yellow floral theme

Rosette’s Little Precious – Invitation card, pink and yellow floral theme

Rosette's Little Precious - cups and straws, pink and yellow floral theme

Rosette’s Little Precious – cups and straws, pink and yellow floral theme

Our “expected day of delivery” is the 10th October. We will launch with a pre-order for the few batches. But if you are excited about this, you may sign up to be notified sooner at

We are all so excited!! Cheers to Rosette’s Little Precious!

Photo credits: Awesome Memories Photography

Real Wedding: J & N, Tokidoki Inspired

Adios and Ciao Ciao stage backdrop

Once in awhile we encounter couples who will give us the golden opportunity to flex our design muscles. Allowing us to create something extraordinary and un-wedding like (think along the lines of an unconventional wedding plus breaking traditions).  That excites … Continue reading

Real Wedding: Xavier & Victoria’s Seaview Wedding

Xavier and Victoria chose Rosette Two, our Design and actual day coordination services for their wedding lunch at Rasa Sentosa’s Atmosphere by the sea.

If you’ll like us to describe Xavier and Victoria’s wedding by the sea in 5 words. We’ll say it is:

1. Windy
2. Joyous
3. White
4. International
5. Entertaining

You can never ever be prepared on the weather for an outdoor wedding. The rain almost spoils all your plans. Just imagine our relief when the skies cleared in time for us to set up the outdoor area for the couple’s romantic sea view solemnisation! It was very windy when we starting setting up and the enormous lanterns we had prepared could only be placed near the indoor dining area; the winds forced the lanterns to concave inwards if set out too far!

Guests were  all stylishly dressed in white and we loved that scene when everyone gathered for the balloon release. Wishes for the couple had been written on biodegradable cards and tied to the balloons, but once out in the open, the strong winds tangled up the bunch! Luckily, Hellen had a pair of scissors in her hands! With the couple’s consent the entangled cards were cut and kept before the balloons were distributed for release. Now, they can keep the cards and read the wishes!

Enjoy the pictures!

Wedding lunch set up, Atmosphere by the sea

Wedding lunch set up, Atmosphere by the sea


Table setting, placecards

Table setting, placecards

Table setting

Table setting

Cake topper  Indoor dining area, Atmosphere by the sea

Wishing tableFlower jar

Outdoor area, Atmosphere by the sea

Timber deck, Atmosphere by the sea

Timber deck, Atmosphere by the seaBalloon release Xavier & Victoria, balloon release


Real Wedding: Ace & Ange

Midsummer Night’s Dream plays out a story about whimsical forests, fairies and royalty.
When the dream wedding of a dancer needs to be set according to her favourite play, we were the most excited to make this couple’s dream come true.

With the Alkaff Mansion shortlisted as the venue for this whimsical wedding, it was an intimate outdoor affair with their ROM set in a gazebo and a glorious dinner under the stars.
Our décor team set up the ROM gazebo with a lilac theme, conjured up a wishing table and photobooth, displayed a whole photo gallery on one of the gigantic rocking chairs and made sure guests had flower confetti to shower the couple love with as they walked down the aisle. Guests were also given a customized fan just in case they got a little warm, we loved the thoughtfulness of the couple!

We coordinated their special day and it was a challenge making sure that their first march-in was in sequence – the bridesmaids and groomsmen danced in, flower girls strew petals, page boy bringing in a sign and their ring bearer Princess Fluffy (their beautiful cat) walked down first – followed by the bride. We managed a balloon release after the solemnisation as well!

Here are excerpts from their notes to us:

Dear Hellen,

We’re very impressed by the decorations & styling! It was amazing to see how our ideas came to life and like magic, all the tiny details came together so well. It was exactly what we wanted and like a dream come true for us. Many of guests have also commented on how beautiful it was, so thank you again! =)

…But of course, we understand that it isn’t easy to handle so many details and no weddings will go exactly as planned. We are very glad to have made the decision to have actual day planners, otherwise we wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as we did. It was made very memorable with all your help and there are many parts of the wedding that we really love. But if I were to choose, the best part for me will have to be our First Dance at the end of the night, it was perfect =)

Was a pleasure working with all of you, do take care for now and let’s keep in touch!

Warmest Regards,
Ace & Ange

We enjoy working with couples like them and we have a great team to deliver, here are the photos of this whimsical day!

Photography credit to 36frames photo | video

Alkaff mansion gazebo with lilac drapping and flowers

Alkaff mansion gazebo with lilac drapping and flowers


Fern garland on couple's chair decoration

Fern garland on couple’s chair

Wedding photo gallery

Photo gallery

Wishing table

Wishing table

Fan design front

Fan design

Fan design back

Fan design, program guide

signage to the photobooth

To the photobooth!



Page boy

Page boy

Exchanging vows

Exchanging vows

Ace & Ange's lilac gazebo

Balloon release Alkaff Mansion Mr and Mrs Chua!

Flowers and butterflies wedding table decor

Flowers and butterflies

Ace & Ange, in embrace

Ace and Ange



under the night sky, Alkaff Mansion

Ace & Ange


Real Wedding: Stacy & Wee Lim.

We are excited to showcase this beautiful wedding of a couple who are both doctors in the same field. Our bride wanted a garden-fell wedding against the elegant and majestic dome shaped ballroom of Capella. We worked our magic to turn the ballroom into a beautiful garden with greeneries, lush flowers and fairy lights. While more than half of the guests were in the respected medical field, they were spontaneous when we presented basket of fun props for the photo taking table-to-table. It was a wonderful event and we’re glad to be  part of Stacy & Wee Lim’s special day before they moved to Berlin! We are also pleased to received their positive feedback about the decoration. Here’s their testimony:

Dear Hellen,

Thank to you to you, Winston and your wonderful team for all the hard work you put in for our wedding.

ALL the feedback we received from our friends and families were positive! they loved the decor, in particular the flower arrangements along the aisles and on the tables.

In particular, I liked the wishing tree idea a lot.

My dad and Wee Lim were pleased with the scheduling of the event and how Winston ensured everything followed the schedule so that we did not overrun too much. We also felt that you guys did a great job synchronising with the Capella people.

Wee Lim and I would not hesitate to recommend your team to our friends (actually we already have to a few couples haha!)

Thank you so much once again for everything you guys have done for us!

God bless and warmest regards,

Stacy and Wee Lim.

Reading this kind of positive feedback always makes our team feels all hard work is worthwhile! Hope you guys will enjoy the photos below!
Wee Lim n Stacy_001
Wee Lim n Stacy_002Wee Lim n Stacy_004

Wee Lim n Stacy_005

Wee Lim n Stacy_007Wee Lim n Stacy_009

Wee Lim n Stacy_011

Wee Lim n Stacy_013

Wee Lim n Stacy_016

Wee Lim n Stacy_022

Wee Lim n Stacy_026

Wee Lim n Stacy_024

Wee Lim n Stacy_028

Wee Lim n Stacy_030

Wee Lim n Stacy_032

Wee Lim n Stacy_035

Wee Lim n Stacy_038

Wee Lim n Stacy_037

Wee Lim n Stacy_041

Wee Lim n Stacy_043

Wee Lim n Stacy_044

Wee Lim n Stacy_047

Wee Lim n Stacy_049

Wee Lim n Stacy_048

Wee Lim n Stacy_058

Wee Lim n Stacy_061

Wee Lim n Stacy_064