New Addition to Our Family: Aiden Joshua Lim

We are delighted to announce the new addition to our family, our son, Aiden Joshua Lim Jia Wei!

This boy is truly a miracle boy, a gift from God, literally, because we didn’t plan on having another one so soon. In fact, we tried to prevent it, in our own way. Given my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarium Syndrome), we thought it’s rather impossible to get pregnant again. We are so sure about it, that we only took the test until my tummy seems to be bulging and my nose swollen. When the pregnancy test showed double sign, I have almost passed my first trimester, at 14 weeks.

I had some series of on and off morning sickness, which I mistakenly thought was bloated stomach. We had vacation in Seoul, Korea for 10 days without realizing that there were three of us! Thank God I didn’t any drink alcohol and postponed my Japanese buffet with all the raw salmons!

But what is more worrying is the fact that I had a very difficult pre-eclampsia pregnancy with Sava, which took one year to recover from (especially the heart failure and kidney infection). My cardiologist and gynea were pretty nervous about this pregnancy, nonetheless they agree to let me carry on despite of the high risk.

Few well meaning friends were questioning my decision to have a second child, knowing that it endangered my health. I don’t blame them, but I know in my spirit that it must be God’s will. 2012 is the most challenging year in my life but also the most significant year for my own growth as a person & a Christian. Never in my life did I have a close encounter to death or terminal illness which required a lot of faith to believe that I will be healed and this disease is temporary. As a Christian, I believe in divine healing, that Jesus died on the cross for my sin and sickness. But until you are down with the possibility of a life threatening illness, your belief is not tested. Cut the story short, I am healed and was discharged in June 2013.

Then come the pregnancy news. Once again, my faith is tested. This time, not only on health issue but also in the area of our business. Rosette Designs & Co is progressing very well and we had a lot of enquiry coming in. When I knew about this pregnancy, I was about to receive deposit from 4 new clients during my confinement period in April 2014. The timing was just right for me to turn them down. Had I collected the amount, I will be having a huge headache now, during my confinement. Once again, i know it must be God.

I was quite nervous with the thought of having 2 young kids while running the business and keeping my sanity. But I remember a excerpt from Joel Osteen’s “I Declare” book, that God doesn’t give us the grace we need until we are about to step on board. I have to take a step of faith and His grace will surely come when I need it.

I heard in my heart, God said,” I will restore back what you have lost in your first pregnancy”. One promise from Heaven is enough. My doubt is cleared.

On March 13, 2014, Aiden was born at 36 weeks 2 days, with birth weight 2.5 kg, healthy and strong. I didn’t have any heart complication, relapse of pre-eclampsia, kidney failure, allergic reaction or skin infection like what I had during the first pregnancy. God is true to His promise.



Edited: Aiden is turning one month today, with a healthy weight of 3.6kg. Although we never have a chubby baby, like what Winston wanted, but we thank God our children are healthy!

small aiden2


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Real Wedding: Vera & Emanuele

Another wedding planned, designed, decorated and coordinated by Rosette Designs.

It’s been more than a month since our Valentine’s Day couple tied the knot. A very cheerful and gorgeous Italian couple indeed, and their guests were equally crazy, fun and beautiful.

Vera & Emanuele approached us back in September 2013 with a common vision for their special day – a small, intimate yet crazy celebration for their guests who are mostly flying in from Italy. So the entire wedding planning began. From deciding of the colour theme – pink & gold, to the many trips over at DiGio – the bridal studio and Goodwood Park Hotel – the wedding venue, there had been so many awesome and unforgettable meetings and honestly, we still miss those times.

The couple signed up with us under Rosette Three: Full Wedding Planning, which covers vendors & venue resourcing & liaising, timeline management, budget management, full design services: decor, invitation & stationery design and actual day coordination & programme. Basically they are getting themselves full help for the wedding, which lifted a huge burden and they can fully become the bride & groom leading up to the wedding day and on the actual day itself.

Here’s the couple’s Inspiration Board that started it all.


and here’s their actual wedding design & decor.


Wedding planner to a wedding couple could be the closest thing you have as a BFF during the entire planning process; they could enhance and make you feel so at ease during your day; they will help you run the show while you enjoy the company of your family and friends.

Since most of their guests were from overseas, we arranged for a welcome gathering before the big day; and without a doubt, the couple treated the guests to a breathtaking view of Singapore – up at Ku De Ta, Marina Bay Sands.

Emanuele n Vera_011

A party by the pool is always a good choice. Thus, the wedding solemnisation venue was chosen to be at Goodwood Park Hotel Poolside Terrace.

Emanuele n Vera_114

Emanuele n Vera_106

We prepared a photo-wishing corner with props and polaroid cameras. The guests were having so much fun posing with the props and taking pictures with the polaroid camera.

Emanuele n Vera_021

Emanuele n Vera_022

Emanuele n Vera_047

Emanuele n Vera_031

Emanuele n Vera_030

Then the guests hung the polaroids on the pole, displaying it to the rest.

Emanuele n Vera_042

Emanuele n Vera_049

Emanuele n Vera_041

Guests were then treated to an awesome wedding dinner at Gaia Ristorante & Bar, a fantastic Italian restaurant tucked at the side of Goodwood Park Hotel. Marrying a man who can cook is a blessing of a lifetime. With our Groom being one of the resident chefs at Gaia, he had the menu specially prepared for the guests. He even personally served the meat – such a charming moment. Vera is one lucky woman.

Emanuele n Vera_058

Emanuele n Vera_074

Emanuele n Vera_072

Emanuele n Vera_070

Emanuele n Vera_068

Emanuele n Vera_064

Emanuele n Vera_062

We, at Rosette Designs & Co, are so blessed to be able to join in the fun to celebrate the marriage of these two amazing persons. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness!

Here’s feedback from the couple :

“I wanted to thank you both for the excellent outcome of everything!
the feedback was very positive from everyone who attended the wedding, it was an amazing ceremony and we had such a good time also during dinner and also at Kudeta.
Eunice you were super super great in all the emergencies which happen and also the décor etc was spot on!
I will miss our meetings and messages, we couldn’t have had a better planner!We will definitely recommend your services to all our friends here and abroad if anyone wants to get married in Singapore!”

Vera & Ema

Written by Eunice, our superbly meticulous and warm wedding planner.

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Real Weddings @ St Regis

There are only a few wedding venues in Singapore that exudes glam and grandeur. St Regis Hotel is one of the few. Located at the quieter part of Orchard Road, this venue guarantee exclusivity and charms, which is reflected by their Art Deco-inspired ballroom, John Jacob Ballroom. For the lover of glamorous and extravagant wedding, this place is the answer. Even to the point that Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo chose this venue to hold their Singapore wedding.

We, in Rosette Designs & Co, have been blessed to do a few weddings here and will continue to explore many creative themes on it.

The 1920s Glam Theme (Nick & Teresa’s Wedding)




Please pardon my reflection while taking the picture. The stage area is decorated with mirrors, which can work for the theme or against the theme.


or if you want to soften the look of the ballroom, you can go mellow with blush and champagne theme, like this lovely couple.

The Blush & Champagne Romance (Jeanie & Zhi Yong’s Wedding)



The handmade photobooth, special request by the bride.


Guest Centerpiece with the custom table number


Individual Menu


VIP centerpiece


Photo Gallery at the Foyer area

Another possible theme that goes totally against the existing Art Deco style, is to go to East and be oriental!

This couple dislike the mirrors on the stage and wanted to go against the modern & harsh feel of the ballroom by going back to their own root as Chinese.

The Vintage Chinoise Theme (Christie & Alvin’s Wedding)



Customized pattern as alternative stage backdrop


VIP centerpiece


Guest centerpiece


Photo Gallery Oriental style

Lastly, we present the beautiful Vanness & Arissa’s Purple Glam wedding. (Note: we were ecstatic when Arissa dropped us an email stating her interest in engaging us to design her wedding. Although it didn’t happen, we are happy enough to know that she likes our work!)


Another impressive wedding done at this ballroom, by the work of an established wedding planner, Heaven’s Gift & Boenga.


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Real Wedding @ CHIJMES

One of the venues that we hold dear to our heart is CHIJMES. Not only because of it’s long history and beautiful sanctuary but because there’s so many ideas that can be implemented there and the outcome will still look amazing! We also love to work with the planners there, they are such lovely ladies!

We have done classic, rustic and garden theme, the whole elegant theme. Now, we are adding fun element to the classical palette.

Shu Jun & Ben have requested cheerfulness and sweetness for their design. Starting from their illustrative invitation to the bunting and colossal balloons!

Enjoy the fun!


The inspiration board that started it all!


We drew their illustration as the icon for the invitation and stationery. The couple really love it!

At the end, the whimsical element really sweetened the venue.



The guest table centerpiece and the custom table number.


The VIP centerpiece with cascading flower arrangement.



The couple asked for an alternative stage decor than the usual wedding arch or flower stand. So we let our inner child have a little fun with the massive balloons connected with colorful bunting. A nod to their invitation design.


Photo Gallery to display their love stories for over 10 years. It’s a decade of love that will continue to grow stronger!


Each kid will receive this handmade book and coloring pack. No reason for getting bored and running around.


Bonne Maman honey jam were flown all the way from France as their wedding favor, and topped up with the custom sticker.


Our signature birdcage as angbao box.


Who doesn’t use instagram nowadays? #hashtag# is a growing popular trend among the tech savvy crowd.

We toiled hard trying to be as detailed as possible, because at the end of the day, those little details really matters.

Our hard work is paid off when the bride commented,” Many thanks Hellen and her dedicated team for dressing up Chijmes hall for my wedding. Love the decor to bits!”

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2013 Weddings – From Board to Reality

2013 marked the rising of Rosette Designs & Co in Singapore. We have planned and decorated weddings since 2010 under a different brand and this year we re-branded ourselves to focus more on creativity while we gathered resources from brilliant planners.

We counted ourselves lucky by the overwhelming support and trust from our clients. As much as we want all our weddings to be ALL beautifully crafted, it’s up to our clients’ preference and vision which make the wedding beautiful. We can suggest and propose our ideas but at the end the final decision comes from our clients. Thankfully we attracted mostly the creative and non-traditional, non-conformist couples who have vision of gorgeous & unconventional wedding. Having creative wedding ideas doesn’t exclusively belongs to those who work  in creative industry. We had a fair share of  the creative field players like designer, photographer, musician, fashion designer, journalist as much as accountant, lawyer, doctor, teacher, project manager, biz owner and other industry. With the popularity of Pinterest, it’s easy to get inspired! Even when you have your wedding at the hotel, you shouldn’t settled with the standard template decor from the hotel’s appointed florist.
Here’s some of the few samples of our works in 2013 from the inspiration board to the actual wedding.
We always starts our design process with moodboard in mind, so whatever we design will be in line. It’s easy to get strayed from the original plan but thankfully with persistence and eye for details, our weddings looked just as we have envisioned!
jc jg jp me ms ps pt

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Real Wedding: Maria & Eddie @Jewel Box

The peak season for weddings are here! We have been busy like a bumblebee, so please pardon us if we churn out very little posts these past months. I actually have a big news to share but I will keep it till the busy period subside. We have really interesting weddings ahead of us, from a Village rustic wedding up in the hill to Carnival-theme wedding in a ballrooom, to Peranakan-grand wedding at the end of the year. Exciting times! Plus we have a few additional manpower who came from you guys, the readers! I never know how much our blog has reached our audience, until during the wedding show in Hotel Fort Canning Park, a couple came up to us and asked Winston, “Are you Winston? Where is Hellen?” Turned out they have been following our blog for inspiration for one year!

I feel like a mini-celebrity, haha! Well, ain’t Internet wonderful? That we can feel close with someone and know their inner voice by reading their blog, even though we have never met before. I know I do.

Well enough about me (because I can blab for hours.. but now, I need to prepare for a Travel-themed wedding for tomorrow!)

Here’s the snapshots of Maria & Eddie’s wedding. Maria, an Indonesian-born fashion designer, married to Eddie, a Singaporean in a stylish and one-of-a-kind wedding because the theme is so apt for Autumn season! Anytime a bride is willing to import golden wheats, dried lavender and acorns from the States deserves my applause. They gave us the direction and materials to work with, we translated it with our own creative language. The result: Better than expected!


Handmade bouquet from wheat


Table centerpiece filled with jute runner, gold wine bottle, couple’s picture, wheat, lavender and dried baby’s breath


Menu design and table setting


Basking in the glorious sunset and blue sky. Are we in Singapore or Hudson Valley?


The creative guest writing poster. It will be a pretty wall decoration at their lovely home.


Handmade angbao box.


A ceremony pack, prepared by the bride that contains water bottle, bubbles, glitter confetti and of course, fan ceremony programme!



The ceremony packs sit nicely on the chairs waiting for the guests.

Ever see a bronze baby breath? We sprayed the baby’s breath flash gold to match the theme.




Love how the sun agreed with the whole decor. We were worried about the weather and yet God decided that sunny weather suits their wedding, best. I couldn’t agree more.


The lovely bride cascaded from the stairs with her mother.


Super cute sign held by a super cute boy!



The lovely couple!IMG_5359

VIP table centerpiece.


The night scene.


The bride couldn’t held her tears listening to her Maid of Honor speech. It was a perfect moment.

This wedding is special, not only because it looks picture perfect at the wedding day, but because before this day, everything was in chaos and despair. The bride and groom almost decided to cancel off the wedding a few days before the wedding because they felt hopeless and disappointed with the outcome of the newly-renovated venue. The new look of the venue was far off from the original rustic look they have signed up for. Not to mention the stormy weather and pouring rain days before that, making this open concept venue, a potential event disaster.

I spared you the details. We managed to convince the couple to move forward, believing that it will be as beautiful as they have envisioned. True enough, it was. All glory to God.

My advice for any couples getting married, you can do the best of your ability to prepare for the wedding, but when the day comes, just let go and let God. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

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Real Wedding: Madeline & Surinder

We love all kind of weddings, but once in a while we were given a carte blanche to propose a theme for an untraditional wedding. Madeline, a Chinese & Surinder, an Indian, has been friends for awhile and both grew up in the 70s. They share the same passion for music, especially the 60s and 70s. When we listened to their love story, it’s just natural to propose a Indian-musical-retro theme.

Just in time for our annual Inspiration Trip to Seoul where we gather our vision & thoughts for the company, get inspired and stock our props (of course, have fun too!)

We managed to find real vinyl records with a reasonable price for all the table setting. Not to mentioned the cute vinyl table number. The venue itself, Skyve Elementary Bistro is a special place for the couple as it is their favorite hang out cafe. The Eclectic & existing retro ambience, helps bring the best of the theme.

We even overhead the manager, after we finished the decoration, said, ” Why can’t we have retro theme for all our wedding, it’s just for this place!” Can’t agree more.

Enjoy the process and the actual wedding!

Everything starts with a moodboard.


Then comes the invitation:


From the bride:

“Very well done and coordinated. Even the wedding card received a lot of compliments. The choice of colors is pretty and bright enough to bring out the fun and ethnic flavor. We are very happy as this will bring back many good memories.”


The centerpiece with a real vinyl record and handmade vinyl table no:



The lovely couple!


Reception table with ribbon wand, angbao box and vintage luggage to house the wedding favor.


Creative guest signing that doubles as a keepsake for the couple.


Every corner worth decorating including this metal shelves.


For more pictures, please visit our Facebook page here and check out their pictures here.

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