Real Wedding: Xavier & Victoria’s Seaview Wedding

Xavier and Victoria chose Rosette Two, our Design and actual day coordination services for their wedding lunch at Rasa Sentosa’s Atmosphere by the sea.

If you’ll like us to describe Xavier and Victoria’s wedding by the sea in 5 words. We’ll say it is:

1. Windy
2. Joyous
3. White
4. International
5. Entertaining

You can never ever be prepared on the weather for an outdoor wedding. The rain almost spoils all your plans. Just imagine our relief when the skies cleared in time for us to set up the outdoor area for the couple’s romantic sea view solemnisation! It was very windy when we starting setting up and the enormous lanterns we had prepared could only be placed near the indoor dining area; the winds forced the lanterns to concave inwards if set out too far!

Guests were  all stylishly dressed in white and we loved that scene when everyone gathered for the balloon release. Wishes for the couple had been written on biodegradable cards and tied to the balloons, but once out in the open, the strong winds tangled up the bunch! Luckily, Hellen had a pair of scissors in her hands! With the couple’s consent the entangled cards were cut and kept before the balloons were distributed for release. Now, they can keep the cards and read the wishes!

Enjoy the pictures!

Wedding lunch set up, Atmosphere by the sea

Wedding lunch set up, Atmosphere by the sea


Table setting, placecards

Table setting, placecards

Table setting

Table setting

Cake topper  Indoor dining area, Atmosphere by the sea

Wishing tableFlower jar

Outdoor area, Atmosphere by the sea

Timber deck, Atmosphere by the sea

Timber deck, Atmosphere by the seaBalloon release Xavier & Victoria, balloon release


Real Wedding: Ace & Ange

Midsummer Night’s Dream plays out a story about whimsical forests, fairies and royalty.
When the dream wedding of a dancer needs to be set according to her favourite play, we were the most excited to make this couple’s dream come true.

With the Alkaff Mansion shortlisted as the venue for this whimsical wedding, it was an intimate outdoor affair with their ROM set in a gazebo and a glorious dinner under the stars.
Our décor team set up the ROM gazebo with a lilac theme, conjured up a wishing table and photobooth, displayed a whole photo gallery on one of the gigantic rocking chairs and made sure guests had flower confetti to shower the couple love with as they walked down the aisle. Guests were also given a customized fan just in case they got a little warm, we loved the thoughtfulness of the couple!

We coordinated their special day and it was a challenge making sure that their first march-in was in sequence – the bridesmaids and groomsmen danced in, flower girls strew petals, page boy bringing in a sign and their ring bearer Princess Fluffy (their beautiful cat) walked down first – followed by the bride. We managed a balloon release after the solemnisation as well!

Here are excerpts from their notes to us:

Dear Hellen,

We’re very impressed by the decorations & styling! It was amazing to see how our ideas came to life and like magic, all the tiny details came together so well. It was exactly what we wanted and like a dream come true for us. Many of guests have also commented on how beautiful it was, so thank you again! =)

…But of course, we understand that it isn’t easy to handle so many details and no weddings will go exactly as planned. We are very glad to have made the decision to have actual day planners, otherwise we wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as we did. It was made very memorable with all your help and there are many parts of the wedding that we really love. But if I were to choose, the best part for me will have to be our First Dance at the end of the night, it was perfect =)

Was a pleasure working with all of you, do take care for now and let’s keep in touch!

Warmest Regards,
Ace & Ange

We enjoy working with couples like them and we have a great team to deliver, here are the photos of this whimsical day!

Photography credit to 36frames photo | video

Alkaff mansion gazebo with lilac drapping and flowers

Alkaff mansion gazebo with lilac drapping and flowers


Fern garland on couple's chair decoration

Fern garland on couple’s chair

Wedding photo gallery

Photo gallery

Wishing table

Wishing table

Fan design front

Fan design

Fan design back

Fan design, program guide

signage to the photobooth

To the photobooth!



Page boy

Page boy

Exchanging vows

Exchanging vows

Ace & Ange's lilac gazebo

Balloon release Alkaff Mansion Mr and Mrs Chua!

Flowers and butterflies wedding table decor

Flowers and butterflies

Ace & Ange, in embrace

Ace and Ange



under the night sky, Alkaff Mansion

Ace & Ange


Real Wedding: Stacy & Wee Lim.

We are excited to showcase this beautiful wedding of a couple who are both doctors in the same field. Our bride wanted a garden-fell wedding against the elegant and majestic dome shaped ballroom of Capella. We worked our magic to turn the ballroom into a beautiful garden with greeneries, lush flowers and fairy lights. While more than half of the guests were in the respected medical field, they were spontaneous when we presented basket of fun props for the photo taking table-to-table. It was a wonderful event and we’re glad to be  part of Stacy & Wee Lim’s special day before they moved to Berlin! We are also pleased to received their positive feedback about the decoration. Here’s their testimony:

Dear Hellen,

Thank to you to you, Winston and your wonderful team for all the hard work you put in for our wedding.

ALL the feedback we received from our friends and families were positive! they loved the decor, in particular the flower arrangements along the aisles and on the tables.

In particular, I liked the wishing tree idea a lot.

My dad and Wee Lim were pleased with the scheduling of the event and how Winston ensured everything followed the schedule so that we did not overrun too much. We also felt that you guys did a great job synchronising with the Capella people.

Wee Lim and I would not hesitate to recommend your team to our friends (actually we already have to a few couples haha!)

Thank you so much once again for everything you guys have done for us!

God bless and warmest regards,

Stacy and Wee Lim.

Reading this kind of positive feedback always makes our team feels all hard work is worthwhile! Hope you guys will enjoy the photos below!
Wee Lim n Stacy_001
Wee Lim n Stacy_002Wee Lim n Stacy_004

Wee Lim n Stacy_005

Wee Lim n Stacy_007Wee Lim n Stacy_009

Wee Lim n Stacy_011

Wee Lim n Stacy_013

Wee Lim n Stacy_016

Wee Lim n Stacy_022

Wee Lim n Stacy_026

Wee Lim n Stacy_024

Wee Lim n Stacy_028

Wee Lim n Stacy_030

Wee Lim n Stacy_032

Wee Lim n Stacy_035

Wee Lim n Stacy_038

Wee Lim n Stacy_037

Wee Lim n Stacy_041

Wee Lim n Stacy_043

Wee Lim n Stacy_044

Wee Lim n Stacy_047

Wee Lim n Stacy_049

Wee Lim n Stacy_048

Wee Lim n Stacy_058

Wee Lim n Stacy_061

Wee Lim n Stacy_064

Real Wedding : Perry & Sharon {Travel theme}

We have been busy planning, coordinating and designing some of the most interesting weddings. Every wedding has a different look, simply because they are for a different couple! No two weddings should look the same.
This lovely couple, Perry & Sharon are two international love birds, mixing heritage from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia descent. You do the math, there’s one country for each set of parents. So naturally the theme should be something closer to their heart, which is TRAVEL theme. I have seen increasing interest in this theme, so we welcomed this theme by letting our creative brain juice flow. Usually this theme will tends towards a bluish tone, due to the association with the map and airmail color.
However, the couple wanted to respect their Chinese tradition (and not to offend the elderly) by omitting the blue and pumping up the red colour. We hardly have red as the main color of a wedding, because of the association with traditional Chinese wedding culture. However it became an awesome tone when we proposed a vintage travel theme to match. Here’s their inspiration board:


and here’s their wedding pictures:

Starting from the reception, red angbao box and globe for wishes were ready to greet the guests.



We proposed a decor corner to showcase the theme. It served as a dessert bar and photo gallery, but the main purpose is to be eye candy! #eyecandy at our Instagram @rosettedesignsco

Perry n Sharon_009


We brought in a hot air balloon model to compliment the theme:

Perry n Sharon_010

Perry n Sharon_011


Perry n Sharon_012

Perry n Sharon_013

Perry n Sharon_014

Perry n Sharon_031

So much for the reception area! Don’t forget the decoration on the inside of the ballroom.



The couple initially engaged us only for the decoration but a few months before the wedding, they started to worry about the programme flow and the coordination portion. They decided to add in our coordination service! They are not the first couple who did that. In fact, most of our decor clients decided to take up our coordination service once they feel the pressure of running the wedding event. While it’s nice to have a gorgeous looking wedding, we found that the bride and groom are usually too stressed or too distracted to enjoy the decoration on their wedding day. Having a professional team of coordinators ensure you of having a smooth running event, without having to stress anybody including yourself.

Although I (Hellen) am a wedding designer and stylist and I’m proud of my work during the actual day, I have to say that our couple will thank our coordinators first on a job well done. At the end, no matter how awesome the decoration are, wedding is still about the whole event. Make sure you have somebody coordinating your wedding. If that happened to be your friend, make sure you brief them properly and treat them with a fat angbao!



For the guest table, we use city names as the table indication. The couple ensembled 3D landmark for each city. Take a pick on your favorite city!




10435987_794206227297219_83012873121999655_n 10426323_794206353963873_3193335495575284629_n 10410803_794206453963863_1123077611064754493_n 10405551_794206197297222_4980363039036394994_n 10347483_794206193963889_1204833786538979969_n 1044693_794206277297214_6668909615030946185_n

It always a joy when the couple thank us during their thank you speech. Even more so, when we were the first one that the couple thanked. It feels good knowing that our effort is appreciated.

Perry n Sharon_114 Perry n Sharon_117

Photo credit goes to Awesome Memories Photography 


Wedding Ideas: Fairy Lights

Fairy lights have recently taken the wedding industry by storm, thanks to Pinterest! Started out as common fixtures for cafes at night, fairy lights have made its way to wedding scenes, bringing magical ambience to the wedding venue. We’ve always loved the idea of dining under the stars, and for city dwellers, fairy lights is the perfect substitute.

Thus, we often advise our clients to add fairy lights into their décor list.
Here are some of our portfolios with fairy lights and other amazing weddings we found on Pinterest.



IMG_6298 copy

Via Pinterest.

Via Pinterest.

Via Pinterest.

Via Pinterest.

Via Pinterets.

Via Pinterets.

Rosette Designs & Co.

Destination Wedding – Bali

We, Rosette Designs and Co, has just been interviewed by Wedding Bali, a one stop guide for couples planning to have their wedding in the beautiful island of Bali. Bali has become one of the most popular wedding destinations in the World and it’s not a surprise given the island’s exquisite beaches and serenity. It’s the perfect place if you’re thinking of a place to have an intimate wedding set against a breathtaking sight.

If you’re planning for a wedding in Bali, here is an article by Wedding Bali on the venues that you might want to consider. You can view this on their website too.

1. Villa: Spacious Luxury

Picture a large, expansive garden overlooking the sea. The seaview is unobstructed and breathtaking, the clear waters extending endlessly into the horizon. When dusk beckons, the skies become a fascinating sight, turning into a colourful palette containing shades of pink, purple, orange and blue.

Many yearn to hold their weddings at one of the many villas located in Bali, as villas contain facilities such as private pools and lush, tropical gardens. In addition, villas provide a private and intimate setting for the couple to host their loved ones and wedding guests.

Royal Santrian luxury beach villas. Photo by Ianphotography.

Royal Santrian luxury beach villas. Photo by Ianphotography.

Bluepoint Bay Villa & Spa. Photo by Ianphotography.

Bluepoint Bay Villa & Spa. Photo by Ianphotography.

2. Hotels and Resorts: Ease and Convenience

Apart from villas, hotel and resorts offer picturesque locations that are perfect for weddings. This is an ideal option for those who prize convenience, as you get to enjoy the ease of access to a variety of facilities, without having to worry about transporting the items that you need for your wedding from one place to another.

In addition, it will be easier for you to arrange the accommodations for your family members and guests, as they can reside in the same hotel or resort that you are holding your wedding at throughout their stay in Bali.

Ayana Resorts and Spa. Photo by Axioo Photography.

Ayana Resorts and Spa. Photo by Axioo Photography.

Alila Uluwatu. Photo by Axioo Photography.

Alila Uluwatu. Photo by Axioo Photography.

3. Chapels: Surrounded by Modern Balinese Architecture

Are you looking for a suitable location to hold a religious wedding or blessing ceremony indoors, and yet, are not keen on abiding by the formal ceremonial processes usually conducted in churches?

If you answered ‘yes’, then the chapel is an ideal location for you to host your wedding!

The air­conditioned interiors of chapels provides you and your guests with welcome relief from the tropical warmth outdoors, and allows for wedding couples to don formal wedding attires, as they often have elaborate designs made of heavier, thicker fabrics.

Not being able to hold your wedding in the splendid outdoors in Bali does not mean that you are compromising on the aesthetics! There are many chapels in Bali boasting eye­catching exteriors and asymmetrical lines.

We can relate endlessly of chapels with pristine white interiors, charming indoor ponds, and clear, large window panes that allow you and your guests to enjoy the captivating seaview that Bali is famous for.

Hotel Nikko. Photo by Danny Halim Photography.

Hotel Nikko. Photo by Danny Halim Photography.

Iconic Chapel at Conrad. Photo by Axioo Photography.

Iconic Infinity Chapel at Conrad. Photo by Axioo Photography.

4. Beaches: Enjoying the best of Bali’s beauty.

Mention beach weddings, and the image of a white, sandy beach, clear, blue skies and an endless horizon of the turquoise sea is immediately conjured. Who wouldn’t want to have a beautiful wedding on the tropical beaches of Bali?

However, the reality of having a beach wedding may greatly differ, depending on the location of your choice. Under the law, beach fronts are considered to be public property, and no single individual or entity is entitled to owning any stretches along the beach. As such, even if you were to hold your wedding in the compounds of a hotel or resort, there is no guarantee that they can you will be ensured privacy during your wedding ceremony.

If the notion of having a gorgeous wedding amidst the beautiful beaches in Bali is too much to resist, it is recommended that you organise a smaller­scale wedding, and make backup plans in case of of any unexpected weather changes.

Grand Aston Bali

Grand Aston Bali

For more information on wedding planning in Bali, feel free to contact us at

Rosette Designs & Co.

Tips on Getting into The Nouveau Trend of Weddings – Part 1

Wedding has been always a significant milestone in everyone’s life, whether you are rich or poor, tall or short, hold a corporate 9-to-6 job or dwell in the creative land. Over the years, we have seen weddings evolved and changed from a mere traditional ceremony to more of a visual avenue self-expression. Especially here in Asia where weddings are often view as a family affair in lieu of pleasing the parents. This trend has been led by the meteoric rise of wedding blogs and the couple themselves being more inspired to have a personalized beautiful wedding. Pinterest and visual social media such as Instagram, heightened the visibility of creative event. With inspiration so readily available, couples are far more informed and aesthetically inclined than ever before.

While this trend, originally spurred by designer couples getting married (they took this opportunity as a creative outlet to show off their personality and talent.. at least I speak for myself), now it has caught up with everyone else. More and more we see unconventional weddings in Singapore with special theme and look. If you would like to jump in the bandwagon, here are some of the inspiration and tips:


How to be original when everything has been done under the sun? The answer is within yourself! You and your partner are unique. Although maybe you really like those rustic vintage wedding you have seen in Green Wedding Shoes , please inject your own flavor into the design. Think what inspires you. What do you like, what does your partner like? We always start our first design session, by asking these question.

Jessica really likes butterfly and burst of colors. So we designed a whole stationery set and decor based on this idea. Butterfly garland at the couple’s chair.


Or you love music? What kind of music? Madeline & Surinder grew up in the 70’s, so we proposed to have a retro music theme. It was a blast!

Madeline & Surinder

or are you the only “G” & ” S” there is?


or Aldo & Sean?


For this Thai & Singaporean couple, we created an elephant icon as their main design & brought in tuk tuk as the photobooth!

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 2.16.53 pm



Or are you a cat lover? We created a cat icon for this lovely couple and incorporate them in the whole decor theme including the giant photobooth backdrop

WeiXiang Peifen-Invitation-v4path

Weixiang n Peifen_088

Weixiang n Peifen_096


Best if you could consider the theme before deciding on the venue. If you love to have a nautical theme, have it somewhere related. Go for yacht wedding, boat wedding or go for One Degree 15 Marina.

Regina and Liqun_004


Regina and Liqun_018 copy

Steword at Riverboat


Beach wedding via Pinterest 

Below is the wedding in Raffles House, Fort Canning Park, Singapore



Mississippi Wedding Flowers Cool Sign

Garden wedding via Pinterest


Tiffany garden wedding in Singapore (our own wedding!).


Or why not invite only the most important people and get married in the City of Love, Paris?


Start creating a moodboard with your favorite colors and cataloguing them, either in Pinterest or in your computer. It’s also easy to browse through the gorgeous images through Instagram. If you haven’t own your Pinterest account, this is the best time to capitalise it. You can add “Pin It” button on your browser so whenever you found inspiration you can add it to your board.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, please consider signing up to our Rosette One: Design & Decor package (haha..)

Unless you decided to have rainbow wedding, stick to two colors or three.


via Burnett’s Board

You can use color as the main theme.

or three color combination, yellow-blue-pink, for doze of youthful bash?



This fuschia & grey are the main colors of the blogger Ju Ann & Peter’s wedding that we styled last year.





These are the basic ingredient to create a unique wedding experience that reflects your taste. This is just the beginning! We will unfold more practical tips in Part 2 !

Stay tuned!

Wedding of Jessica & Jeffrey

This is one of the most beautiful and intimate weddings we’ve ever planned and executed. Jessica engaged us for full wedding planning since she is based in Shanghai. Within a short period, we managed to secure the perfect place for her dream wedding. She has a vision of butterfly-inspired wedding in a very cozy and warm setting. We delivered more than her expectation as the whole night’s performance is filled with the family’s contribution, laughter and dancing the night away. It’s our joy to be part of the happy occassion.

Location at Marmalade Pantry @ Stables.

1604564_715793901805119_1874359830_n1723480_715793898471786_1367486967_n 484857_715794141805095_1196117340_n1016444_715794071805102_1261150885_n

1655842_715794205138422_627817873_n Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 13.20.12 1506812_715794281805081_906416554_n1505627_715799688471207_567222703_n1013998_715799635137879_540644459_n1926793_716315078419668_52285834_n 


Rosette Designs & Co.

Read Wedding: Regina and LiQun

What a special wedding it was! Not only the venue is one of a kind (a vintage historical boat in the middle of the city), Regina and LiQun was such a spontaneous couple with unique ideas. Imagine eating mussels for a year just to collect the shells for their Date Station so that the guests can write their ideas/suggestions on the shells! Thumbs up! Whatever ideas we proposed to them, they took it and really went all out to execute them. The father of the bride even wore captain suit to escort Regina down the aisle. We love the theme so much that we started collecting anchors, steering wheels, trays way before their wedding. All handiwork paid off that day!

Pictures by Awesome Memories Photography.
Venue at Stewords Riverboat.

Regina and Liqun_003

Regina and Liqun_106


Regina and Liqun_089




Regina and Liqun_044



Regina and Liqun_058



Regina and Liqun_068



Rosette Designs & Co.

New Addition to Our Family: Aiden Joshua Lim

We are delighted to announce the new addition to our family, our son, Aiden Joshua Lim Jia Wei!

This boy is truly a miracle boy, a gift from God, literally, because we didn’t plan on having another one so soon. In fact, we tried to prevent it, in our own way. Given my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarium Syndrome), we thought it’s rather impossible to get pregnant again. We are so sure about it, that we only took the test until my tummy seems to be bulging and my nose swollen. When the pregnancy test showed double sign, I have almost passed my first trimester, at 14 weeks.

I had some series of on and off morning sickness, which I mistakenly thought was bloated stomach. We had vacation in Seoul, Korea for 10 days without realizing that there were three of us! Thank God I didn’t any drink alcohol and postponed my Japanese buffet with all the raw salmons!

But what is more worrying is the fact that I had a very difficult pre-eclampsia pregnancy with Sava, which took one year to recover from (especially the heart failure and kidney infection). My cardiologist and gynea were pretty nervous about this pregnancy, nonetheless they agree to let me carry on despite of the high risk.

Few well meaning friends were questioning my decision to have a second child, knowing that it endangered my health. I don’t blame them, but I know in my spirit that it must be God’s will. 2012 is the most challenging year in my life but also the most significant year for my own growth as a person & a Christian. Never in my life did I have a close encounter to death or terminal illness which required a lot of faith to believe that I will be healed and this disease is temporary. As a Christian, I believe in divine healing, that Jesus died on the cross for my sin and sickness. But until you are down with the possibility of a life threatening illness, your belief is not tested. Cut the story short, I am healed and was discharged in June 2013.

Then come the pregnancy news. Once again, my faith is tested. This time, not only on health issue but also in the area of our business. Rosette Designs & Co is progressing very well and we had a lot of enquiry coming in. When I knew about this pregnancy, I was about to receive deposit from 4 new clients during my confinement period in April 2014. The timing was just right for me to turn them down. Had I collected the amount, I will be having a huge headache now, during my confinement. Once again, i know it must be God.

I was quite nervous with the thought of having 2 young kids while running the business and keeping my sanity. But I remember a excerpt from Joel Osteen’s “I Declare” book, that God doesn’t give us the grace we need until we are about to step on board. I have to take a step of faith and His grace will surely come when I need it.

I heard in my heart, God said,” I will restore back what you have lost in your first pregnancy”. One promise from Heaven is enough. My doubt is cleared.

On March 13, 2014, Aiden was born at 36 weeks 2 days, with birth weight 2.5 kg, healthy and strong. I didn’t have any heart complication, relapse of pre-eclampsia, kidney failure, allergic reaction or skin infection like what I had during the first pregnancy. God is true to His promise.



Edited: Aiden is turning one month today, with a healthy weight of 3.6kg. Although we never have a chubby baby, like what Winston wanted, but we thank God our children are healthy!

small aiden2